Every day children go hungry right in our own community. The Great Falls Home Builder’s Association has teamed up with Great Falls Emergency Services to build strong health kids by fighting childhood hunger at home. We have established a food pantry drive for kids attending Great Falls Public Schools. Kids can take home easy to prepare foods, ensuring they have a meal at night and on weekends. Help us build strong and healthy kids by bringing a donation of easy to prepare, kid-friendly meals and snacks to the Great Falls Home & Garden Show & Sale. You may even win a prize!

Why easy to prepare foods?
Many children who are experiencing hunger are also experiencing challenges at home. A parent may have two jobs and not be home during meal prep time. Most children are capable of safely preparing simple meals.

What are kid-friendly meals?
Something that is complete and doesn’t require a great deal of prep work. They should be healthy, but still appeal to a young palate. Think of things like: mac and cheese, soup, canned chili, microwave meals, peanut butter crackers, chips and other non-perishable items.