Who says that the home can’t be improved from the inside out? Nectar of the Vine is appearing at this year’s Home and Garden Show! This is no ordinary one-stop wine shop. Nectar of the Vine offers a unique approach to refreshments, offering an assortment of gourmet food products, including a unique line of delicious wine frappes, wine salsa, and specialty pasta and olive oils. Nectar of the Vine is something you must experience in real time to appreciate. They will debut some of their springtime favorites to the Home and Garden Show goers this Friday, offering up insight on how to create the perfect wine frappe, funky caramel cappuccino, chocolate martini, Irish margarita, and more!

Come by booth 117 to expirience all that Nectar of the Vine has to offer. You can always warm up your home for Spring with a little R&R!